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Tiki designed the game and lead the team of developer, animator and illustrator to create this viral campaign.

Nightwatchman Viral Game

  • Challenge: Almost half of all employees who use computers at work typically do not power them down at the end of the working day. In the US alone, 1E estimate over $2.8 billion of PC power is being wasted every year.

    NightWatchman is the world leading PC power management solution for companies both large and small. Simple and quick to implement and with proven accuracy, it enables significant cost savings by applying effective PC power management that won’t slow your business down.
  • Solution: Create an informative and entertaining website that would become viral and in inturn drive them to the 1e website and the opportunity to purchase the software. A microsite of 3 parts. One section with the 5 key points, a game and finally an energy calculator.
  • Result: Spread extremely quickly through forums as diverse as IT sites to Friends of the Earth.

"Awesome game!  Loved the graphics.  Glad to see that at least one company out there cares about the environment as much as I do!"

"Just sent it to all staff at the college I work at (over 600 people!). Probably the most useful thing they'll have in their email boxes when they get back from half term."

Friends of the earth forum