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The Army

Tiki has worked with the Army for several years producing a range of Digital Recruitment material for various regiments. She lead the digital team in the award winning Army on Everest Campaign, the most successful recruitment campaign ever run by the Army.

Army on Everest

  • Challenge: Use 2006 Everest West Ridge expedition to raise awareness of the Army pushing itself to the limit in a noncombat environment.
  • Solution: Reports in the form of video, photography and text were direct from base camp at the foot of Everest to the website where they inturn propogated via rss feeds, Google Maps, Google video, bluetooth mobile phone video, text alerts, podcasts, enewsletters. The site also included games, interactive maps and weather feeds, plus educational material and resources written specifically for the KS2 curiculum.
  • Result: Use of Web 2.0 techniques helped make this the Army’s most successful recruitment campaign. The campaign resulted in a 100% increase in enquires compared to the previous quarter. The site went on to win Campaign Awards for Best Digital Campaign, Best Use of Interactive and Best Acquisition Marketing Campaign.
The most successful recruitment campaign ever run by the Army and Grand Prix Winner at the Campaign Awards 2006.


  • Digital Campaign Awards 2006
    Grand Prix award for Best Digital Campaign
  • Campaign for 2006
    Best use of Interactive
    Best Marketing Acquisition Programme
  • Computing Awards 2006
    Most Innovative Project for 2006
  • IVCA Awards
    Gold Award: Army On Everest West Ridge Expedition 2006
    Industry Award For Effective Communication: Gold Award
  • WPP Creamed Awards 2007
    Gold: Army on Everest