Public Relations, Event Management,
Marketing, Design, Digital & Print

Islamic Bank of Britain

Kelly headed up the team tasked with creating a positioning, brand identity and launching the UK’s first and only fully Sharia’a compliant retail bank aimed at Britain’s 2m+ British Muslims.

  • Challenge: Launch the brand, create brand awareness, acquire customers within strict Islamic guidelines which prevent the use of living imagery.
  • Solution: Identified customer needs via vox pops research. Created a unique proposition, ‘It’s your choice’ and developed brand identity using classical Muslim calligraphy. Implemented through an integrated marketing strategy:

    • Customer awareness/acquisition:
      DRTV, Outdoor, Press, DM, Online (Web, viral), DM, Radio
    • Branch & product launches:
      Cost/time-effective templates for branch launches. Outdoor, press, DM, POS.
    • Web development:
      Designed online banking site
  • Result:

    • Launched 20+ products
    • Opened 10+ branches
    • DRTV: Call centre activity up 33%
    • DM for Products and Services: Over 2% response rate
    • DM for Branch launches: 2.5% response rate
Created a unique identity and positioning, and a 33% increase in calls..